Colour in Context: Soft Olive

Colour of the day: Soft Olive
Simple description: a light warm green

Notes for usage: Its subtle warmth and light to medium tone make Soft Olive extremely versatile. Use it as an unobtrusive accent or accompanying colour or all-over for a balanced, mellow feel. This nuance is a lot less saturated than many common olives. Containing some amount of grey Soft Olive adapts well to various lighting conditions. Avoid perfectly glossy ceramics for surface design, unless you want to evoke memories of the typical 1970s avocado bathroom suits. If you go for a shining finish, consider handmade effects to keep the look more contemporary. This shade of green generally feels more natural with matte finishes. With a general shift towards earthier, warmer tones, expect to see similar green tones rise in popularity in the years to come.