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Design direction Dutch Design Week 2023

After years of exaggerated self-optimisation and toxic positivity, there’s a growing understanding of the need to embrace all emotions – so that we can bounce back fully from life’s small and large adversities. Contact the designers to collaborate with them!

1 Design for wellbeing, promoting quiet moments by Alissa+Nienke

2 Humorous chair design expressing awe by Studio Erik Stehmann

3 This is more than dopamine decor, its diverse emotional collectables in the group exhibition Messmerizing

4 A reminder that we are all interdependent and need more communal bonds than connecting via digital devices by Ana de Fotecha, Karma Hamed and Camila Capra

5 Bitter-sweet design to help us heal from heartbreak by Michaela Castagnaro

These are just a few examples of what I loved at DDW. Could you use some feedback on your collections or help to update them? With 17 years of experience in the Home & Interiors and Lifestyle industries, I can give you sound advice on what makes sense for your brand.